DLA & Camargo gives full support to condominium members and administration in their daily relationships and possible adversities that can be encountered.

Following this line, the company assists condominiums with their contracts with third parties and service providers in order to guarantee legal security. The company also supports any kind of legal or administrative demand that may occur.

The company also provides legal assistance to condominium managers with specific focus on the relationship with their customers, aiming to ensure the best and safest orientation in daily relations.

In this context, this office offers to customers, the following services, among others:

•Preparation and review of the condominium convention, the internal regulations;
•Creation of effective legal and extrajudicial measures to reduce default;
•Consultation and advice involving the legal relationship between condominium members and administration;
•Labor advisory oriented towards employees and third party service providers;
•Establishment of legal or administrative measures to ensure compliance with the condominium convention and rules;
•Full assistance to the residents' association and the condominium administration;
•Legal support for condominium management.