DLA & Camargo promotes security and reliability in real estate negotiations, standing out with the implementation of the following legal services:

•Law suits - dispossession, usurpation, rectification of area, repossession, lease renewals, eviction, termination, demarcation, and other actions aimed at the fulfillment of real estate contracts;
•Administrative proceedings - real estate regularization of urban and rural properties before registration authorities and public bodies, acquisition of rural property by foreigners, leasing, doubt cast;
•Real estate contracts - tenant agreements, purchase and sale of urban and rural properties, guarantees, liens, corporate contracts related to real estate operations;
•Legal advice to aspects of zoning, use and occupation of land and surface.
•Procedures for division of property, allotment process, horizontal condominiums, preparation of incorporation memorials, condominium establishment and convention.
•Shopping Center and Mall - investment structuring for the construction or development of new projects, negotiating of rental contracts in shopping center.